About Ultimate Japanese Guide

About Ultimate Japanese Guide

“Ultimate Japanese Guide” is a private guide service provided by Japanese flight attendants. The candidates who are in charge of the private guide are professional flight attendants who possess excellent skills in language, hospitality, and customer service. To meet the needs of travelers around the world, we offer not only a conventional tourist guide but an exquisite experience that is limited to the locals. In addition to sightseeing, we can assign accompanying interpreters to events and exhibitions, as well as business occasions including interview, arrangements for filming, etc.


The background behind the launch of this service is to introduce a true Japan to the world and to make the visit to Japan a sensational memory. Currently, tours provided by conventional travel agencies are often limited to famous tourist spots and popular spots discussed on social media. It is undoubtedly true that visiting a famous tourist destination is meaningful and essential part of traveling. However, the question is, could you truly experience Japanese culture and history just by visiting?


Besides, it is the same from an entertainment perspective. As you may know, Japan has a wide variety of entertainment ranging from traditional performing arts to anime.


However, regrettably, many of them are not language-enabled. There is still a big room for improvement until every traveler around the world can truly enjoy and comprehend the content.


Therefore, we started this service with a genuine intention of having travelers around the world to truly experience the goodness of Japan as well as its various entertainment. Our private guides are staffed with professional flight attendants who are skillful in language, hospitality, and customer service. We are determined to provide you with the best travel experience that no other companies could possibly offer. To meet various needs, we are also flexible with plans and are able to respond to changes on demand. We promise you an exquisite local experience and attractions that are you have never experienced before. You will start noticing the wonders of Japan during the tour.

Also, we would like to show the sincerity of being “Japanese” with you in this private guide. Through our service, you will notice the essential aspects of Japanese culture, such as openness to diverse cultures, fine attention to slightest details, and hospitality. To leave the best memories to your trip to Japan, please consider our service!

Ultimate Japanese Guide


Ultimate Japanese Guide offers premium private luxury guided tours of Japan, Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. With cabin attendant, each tour can be personally customised, providing a unique opportunity to see most of the beauty that Japan offers. If you need to hire private guide, Please contact us.

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