Hiroshima’s dynamic food culture

Hiroshima’s dynamic food culture

Hiroshima is already one of the popular destinations among the foreign tourists. I would like to focus on Hiroshima’s dynamic food culture.

Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki is one of the must eat local food when you are in town. Okonomiyaki restaurant is highly competitive in the area that you do want to try few Okonomiyaki from the different restaurant. They are all different, ingredient, the sauce, or the batter.  

When you visit the famous Miyajima shrine, do not forget to try the Anago meshi. Anago meshi is the conger grilled and dipped in the sweet soy served on the rice. Also the oysters are well known in the area as well. In the Miyajima island, there are many Oyster stands where they grills the oysters in front of you.

One of the very popular bakery chain, Andersen bakery was originated in the Hiroshima city. Visiting the very first Andersen bakery and tasting their pastries could be a fun tour.  

For the souvenir, there are many sweets you can bring back from Hiroshima. One of the best selling souvenir is Momiji manjyu. It is the traditional red bean steamed manjyu comes in different flavor.

Make sure you spent enough days in Hiroshima so that you get to experience an exciting Hiroshima’s food culture.


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