An old tiedye town Arimatsu

An old tiedye town Arimatsu

An old tiedye town Arimatsu is located just outside of the city of Nagoya.

Arimatsu shibori(tiedye) is always well known for the beautiful and unique pattern of the tiedye fabric. The Arimatsu shibori yukata is just absolutely gorgeous, and they are very popular among the Japanese girls. The patterns are so artistic and unique as well as the technique is so complex and delicate. The Arimatsu shibori’s tiedye history goes back in 1600.The tiedye method evolved and continued passing through the generations by the tiedye masters. There are more than hundred different types of tiedye methods that make it possible to create such an amazingly complicated patterns.

Visiting the old town Arimatsu, the visitos not only get to see the shibori fabric but also get to learn the actual tiedye experience from the tiedye masters.Learning the acutal tiedye from the masters, you can learn the tiedye technique and also talking directly to the masters, you get to learn the history and the culture of Arimatsu shibori.


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