About the Price

About the Price

We will introduce the rates of the “Ultimate Japanese Guide”.

“Ultimate Japanese Guide” provides two services which are with different types of price plans.

The first one is a guide for sightseeing (Private guide for trip).

We offer the service, (Private guide for trip), for groups of 1-5 people from USD 50 per hour on an hourly basis.

Half day tour guide (6 hours) is available from USD 300.

1-day tour guide (8-12 hours) is available at USD 400-600.

However, as that price will change depending on the content and the number of people in the group, please feel free to contact us for any inquiry about the fee.


The second one is a guide as business interpreter companion (Private guide for business).

For (Private guide for business), we will make a price quote upon request.

We can arrange for all business scenes like getting appointments to take photographs and articles, business meetings, exhibitions, and accompanying as an interpreter for events.

Please feel free to contact us, as we can meet your various requests through our network of cabin crews who are members of our staff.

Ultimate Japanese Guide


Ultimate Japanese Guide offers premium private luxury guided tours of Japan, Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. With cabin attendant, each tour can be personally customised, providing a unique opportunity to see most of the beauty that Japan offers. If you need to hire private guide, Please contact us.

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