Enjoy the Fall Nagano

Enjoy the Fall Nagano

The best season to visit Nagano is Fall!! Well, for the people who enjoy the winter sport, they might say “Winter is the best”.

Nagano isn’t just the Snow place. The main reason why you should visit Nagano in Fall is the time for the apple harvest. The apples from Nagano is mouth watering juicy delicious apples. It’s not just Fuji apples. There are variety of apples growing in Nagano, and the Fall is the time for the harvest. Apple picking are happening in all over Nagano. In addition, the Fall nature in Nagano is absolutely gorgeous. The high mountains start changing the leaves’ colors into red, gold, and brown. Picking apples in such a beautiful nature is just very refreshing experience.

After the apple picking, stopping in the Matsumoto city might be another exciting experience. Matsumoto city has the historical Matsumoto castle, the national treasure. The city also has the historical castle town feeling. You can find lots of traditional building or shops with all these small alleys.

Lately, the local craft beer, Matsumoto brewery has been popular among the local people. Those of you who are the beer fan can try the local Matsumoto beer.

Also, the milk bread is the common bread for the Nagano local. If you find a milk bread in town, don’t hesitate to try one!!


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