Green tea country, Shizuoka

Green tea country, Shizuoka

Shizuoka prefecture is the “Green tea prefecture”.

The prefecture is always known for the biggest green tea producer makes the very high quality and tasty green tea. The Shizuoka prefecture is located inbetween Kanagawa and Aichi prefecture along the coastal line. This prefecture is also known to have the highest mountain in Japan, Fuji san. The prefecture has ocean as well as the mountains. The climate is very mild and has lots of sunshines all year around. Therefore,the it’s perfect for making the very fine green tea.

Almost the entire prefecture makes tea in diffrent region.Some are making in the higher elevated mountain area. Others are making in the lower elevated vast tea fields.

What makes very attracting is depending on where the tea is grown, the tea tastes very different.The mountain tea tends to have lighter color, and the flavor has the sweetness and has Umami taste to it. The field tea on the othet hand, the color is darker, and the tea has more green tea bitterness.Once you are in this tea prefecture, you’ll be impressed how their green tea taste and how complex the world of green tea is.

There are so much to learn from this amazing tea culture.


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