Japanese sake experience in Tokyo

Japanese sake experience in Tokyo

Tokyo sake Festival will be held from March 26 to March 31.
It is an event where you can drink and enjoy Japanese sake from Tokyo’s sake breweries, and you can feel free to use the automatic selection of the representative brands of each warehouse. It is nice to be able to feel free to participate in the “Tokyo Jishu Fair” because you can easily try it on the liquor vending machines.

You can enjoy 20 kinds of Japanese sake,  and you can also enjoy 10 kinds of daginjo and draft beer for 100 JPY. As you can buy Tokyo specialties from 200 JPY, why not find your favorite one?

It is OK to bring in the snacks, and there are excellent shops in the hall where you can enjoy Edo gourmets such as sushi and tempura.


The place : 東京・-両国- 江戸NOREN内1F「東京商店」

130-0015,  1chome 3-20 Yokozuna, Sumida-ku, Tokyo



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