Kimono tour in Shuzenji

Kimono tour in Shuzenji

Shuzenji is the old temple town in Izu peninsula, Shizuoka prefecture.

The town is known to have the historical Shuzenji temple, and also known for onsen, the hot spring spot.

The tourists or the local people come here for the good quality hot spring. In the town, there are many Ryokan, the traditional hotels that has the spa and serves the delicious meals.

Shuzenji is quite small scale town that it’s easy to walk around. Dressed up in the traditional Kimono (or Yukata in summer) and walk around the old town might be a great fun experience. There is a place you can rent Kimono and help you dress up.


The town itself has many picture attracting traditional spots like an old Shuzenji temple, the beautiful bamboo alley, or the red wooden bridge by the river. In the area, there are many small souvenir shops where they sell local gift or hand craft items. There are many different kind of restaurant as well as many tea places that serves green tea and the traditional sweet.  

Shuzenji is sort of hidden spots with less people in the mountain. Coming from the big city like Tokyo, you can feel the private feeling and relax and escape to the country side.


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