The Sapporo Snow Festival

The Sapporo Snow Festival

This is unique winter events in the most prospering city in Hokkaido. Every winter, million people visit to see the large statues and amusement made of ice and snow. There used to be few winter festivals in Sapporo, but those been ceased since World War 2 began.


Now there’s only one festival left in Sapporo. In the beginning these sculpture were made by local high school students. At 4st festival they made largest statue since the festival began. It was 15 meter high, it stimulated people, and became symbol.

After that citizens, trading companies, and self-defense forces are began to join for building statues. Now self-defense Forces are mainly building statues. there’s a massive large slide made of snow, which kids loves it. I remember when first time I tried the slide. I thought it would be much faster than normal slide, because it’ made by ice so must be slippy. I was afraid little bit, but it wasn’t so fast, actually it was slower then usual ones. So it’s safe, you don’t have to be afraid of it. Now there’s three different sites are opening the snow festival.


At Odori, Tsudome, and Susukino. Each of site has own events. Such as Odori, they illuminate and light up the snow objects field. It’s beautiful view if you see from high place like the Sapporo TV tower. Tsudome has a large slide and other sporting activities. At Susukino, there are beautiful statues made by ice, and it’s artistic style. Any age, and any kind of people would satisfied by these events. I hope you would enjoy it.