Tokyo’s best Sakura street. The place for OHANAMI

Tokyo’s best Sakura street. The place for OHANAMI

Tokyo’s best Sakura street. The place for OHANAMI

Japan. Speaking of Japan, Sakura. Speaking of Sakura, Ohanami.
Then, do you have worries about where to do Ohanami? So, this article will introduce the Sakura sight in Tokyo.

If you see Sakura, it’s great to have the other sight in addition to Sakura. So, I suggest “Megurogawa”—Meguro river’s Sakura road. Megurogawa has a wide width, and slow flowing. Therefore, you will be relaxed as the river flows.
The number of the Sakura trees is almost 800! To watch all trees needs 4km walking.
The type of these Sakura is “Someiyoshino”. One of the most popular Sakura trees in Japan, Its petals are very big and beautiful.

This Megurogawa Sakura road has another fascinating point in addition to near to river.It’s what it has originally shops. Along with watching Sakura, you can enjoy shopping surrounded by Sakura. It is lovely to have other enjoyable place.

And, this Megurogawa is near to train stations. There are many places which have more Sakura trees than Megurogawa, but those places are hard to arrive. Megurogawa has good point which is close to stations.

One of the Megurogawa Sakura street’s characteristics is light up at night. Usually, Sakura can not be seen at night, but light up makes you enjoy, also at night. You can see different fantastic scene. It is worth see that dreamy Sakura.

Megurogawa Sakura street is the best Sakura seeing place in Japan!
Those Sakura blow the second half of March to the first half of April. You can see beautiful Sakura trees when you go there these term.
That place is fantastic place because you can enjoy all day long. You should go once in your life.

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